From Adobe Illustrator to Polymer Clay

I decided to delete all my old posts, because I didn’t think they were getting anywhere. I felt there wasn’t any build up to what I was trying to achieve and my portfolio just seemed a little all over the place. I enjoy creating vectors, using my own style and I am heavily influenced on Japanese Pop Culture, which didn’t work out when searching for a job in the industry I was trying to break into.

 … so my laptop died this year, but I managed to save up some monnies to buy a brand new PC. I’m giving the newest version of Adobe Illustrator a try, I really don’t like the idea of having to sign in everytime you use this program, I can understand why Adobe have done this, but for me it’s a little annoying. I will be buying my version of the CS6 at the beginning of the new year, right now I’m on the Creative Cloud using the trial version, but at the moment I’m just using it to place my logo onto my photos.

When my laptop stopped working, I realised I wasn’t going to be able to play around on Illustrator for a while and found myself looking at minature clay foods. I think I was browsing through etsy and searched the word ‘Kawaii,’ I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, but a whole load of cute miniature clay foods and little characters made out of polymer clay came up on my search and I was so amazed! I decided to give this hobby a go. I’ve used air dry clay before and created my own little jewellery stand, which was originally a project for a toy exhibition held in Cardiff.

Toy Project

First Clay Project

I had quite a lot of fun making my characters, but my room eventually ended up having clay hand prints all over my walls and furniture, it’s very messy lol. It was very time consuming and so I decided to take a break from my creative self.

After a depressing few months deciding what the hell I should do with myself, I started looking through my artwork trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I found myself staring at these vector’s I created a while back –


Cthulhu 02


  I started an obsession with Octopus’ and the monster Cthulhu, not sure why, but the ‘Kawaii Girls with the Octopus Cake Heads’ gave me an idea to start creating stuff using Polymer Clay… So I went to Hobby Craft, bought a couple of blocks of Sculpey III clay and created this –

1st Octopus

I was so happy with my first attempt! I thought I could start making these as little ornaments and sell them, then I thought “ornaments are a bit boring.” I started thinking a bit more and decided I should turn these into a piece of jewellery, a phone charm or a necklace maybe… but even though I was very happy with my first attempt, I still wouldnt want this to be my final product and as an artist I am never happy with my work. I started modelling minature cakes, fruit and more Octopus’ …I practised more and eventually noticed my skills progressing.


Cake Phone Charm


Orange OctoCharm

2nd Attempt


This is when I thought it would be a good idea to put the shape of my logo onto my product. I printed out the shape of my logo onto normal print paper and cut it out with a pair of scissors, I pressed the cut out onto the clay before I baked it and used a pin to cut around the shape of my logo. I wasn’t really happy with the results and didn’t want to keep doing this, so I contacted a printing company that specialises in acrylics and got a couple of samples of my logo made.


I can actually stamp my logo onto my clay products now, but it is quite difficult to get the acrylic off. Sometimes it really sticks to the clay and I get frustrated as I don’t like making any more marks underneath the Octopus. After my uploads on Instagram I had a request from a friend and made a sale!.. I think this one was my first ever sale and I sold it for £15 –

First Sale


I found that over the year I’ve been making my Octopus’ slightly bigger, so I’ve now decided to create small charms and bigger ones. The bigger Octopus’ will cost around £20, I will show the difference in sizes in my next post.


…After a while I got caught up in my day job and found it difficult to create more of my products, it’s very time consuming and as a perfectionist (which is very frustrating) it took me about 3-4 hours to make just one Octopus charm! I’ve gradually become faster and I now only take about an hour and a half. It takes a day for the silicone whipped cream to dry, then I have to gloss the whole charm, which then takes another whole day for it to dry. So overall it takes about 3 days to make a necklace, but I like to take an extra fourth day to hang the necklace before selling it. This is to see how stable the eye pin is set in the silicone cream, there have been a few times where the chain has failed to hold the charm because the eye pin hasn’t settled in the glue.

Xmas Present

Making of charm

So this is my most recent sale, this one I sold for £20, it’s slightly bigger than all the others and has a lot more going ontop of the silicone whipped cream, along with the ribbon, glass beads and silver chain… This recent charm is my final product and this is how I will be creating my Octopus charms now. I hope anyone who enjoys kawaii influenced, handmade jewellery likes my concept and I hope to make sales on etsy!

…and that’s how I got my idea of creating Octopus charms, from vectors to polymer clay. I know the concept is quite unusual (a girl with an Octopus on her head, with a whole load of deserts on the Octopus) but I enjoy creating cute vectors and now polymer clay charms, even if the idea doesn’t make sense!

I’ve been updating as much as I can on Instagram (search for killastrations) …now that it’s nearly christmas, I will have some time off and I will use my time to create a whole bunch of necklaces. I’m really going to push myself to get my products onto etsy, even if it means staying up late after work. So on my next post I will have hopefully created my products and they will be up and ready to sell on etsy (fingers crossed).

bye bye my lovelies :]


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