Etsy Store Open!

Hello my lovelies, it’s been a while and I’m sorry. My day job is taking over my life so bad… on my days off I just want to sleep and do nothing!

However, I have managed to get a few things done, like opening my online store through etsy —>

Etsy Store

There isn’t much to see as I only have two items up for sale, I did make a lot more to sell but for some reason the clay had cracked –>

Damaged Goods 01

Damaged Goods 02

I did think of selling these with a discount, but I changed my mind… who’s going to want these damaged goods? They are now sitting on my shelf as decoration in my room 🙂


After a couple of days of uploading my products on my etsy store, I got bored of my charms and I still am bored of them. SO!.. During my spare time I have been doodling a lot and coming up with ideas for some new handmade jewellery.

This will be my Octopus Collection…




The first two concepts are designs I have made before as you know, but with different sweets and a new girly chain with extra pearls and other beads. This last concept is something I am looking forward to making, the idea came from one of my old illustrations I created a while back. I’ve decided to give them hair and have altered their faces a little …XD


I’m not quite sure how I will make these, I am also considering making my logo into a clay charm, obviously these charms will be flat so I will need to buy a conditioning machine for the clay, to make everything even and level.

I’ve also been stocking up on supplies, I havn’t got everything I want yet, I still need to buy more chains, eyepins, jump rings, beads etc…  I got a package this morning and it was from …I was quite surprised everything arrived quite quickly and all the way from Singapore. I bought a few cabachons so that I can create a few moulds for myself and I didn’t get all of the silicone whipped cream that I ordered due to low stock. I was told I will recieve the rest within 2-3 weeks, which is fine. So yeh, I’m really happy with Sophie & Toffee and will be using them as my supplier for myself.







I’m just waiting for my other supplies from Modes4u now, I can’t even remember what I bought from them! Now that I have a few new ideas to work from, I will start making my new jewellery in my spare time and will show you all what my new collection looks like. I am really going to try hard to blog more often and keep you all up to date with my crazy self… I am off to bed as I have horrible work in the morning… 😦

Goodbye, Goodnight and Sweet Dreams -x-


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