Keychains and Kawaii Style Octopus Necklace


First the good news ~ I have some new kawaii pieces up for sale.. ❤

Now for the sad news ~ My previous items had to be taken off, one of them started to crack and it didn’t look nice.. they will be displayed in my room, on a shelf, being stared at by me everyday hehee.

. . .Here are my semi “new” products ~





The first three photo’s are pendants that can be used as a keychain for your bag or as a phone charm. You might have seen one or two of them before, I think I had them up for sale on etsy as a necklace. But as I mentioned in my previous post (I got bored of them). I think they look better as a keychain/phone charm.

The last photo is a new item that is part of my Octopus collection. I was going to have ten different colours, but there’s no way I will be able to make that many any time soon. So I’ve decided to have three different colours only { Translucent Red, Sunflower Yellow and some kind of Purple. } These products are ready to be shipped in the UK. I am now shipping to USA, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Philippines, Turkey and Indonesia.

I’m off to make a start on the Sunflower Yellow Octopus now, I will have a photo ready to show you all on my next post.

❤ I hope you all enjoy my products ❤

Ja ne


~ See you later ~



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