New Accessories & Artwork


 ~ Hello my lovelies ~


Today has been such a nice, hot day. The weather in the Uk has been beautiful and I hope it stays like this until the end of October.

I am currently on holiday, I have two weeks off work and I am enjoying it so much! I’ve been crafting and drawing more than usual and I’m very happy.

At the moment I am waiting for my Sunflower Yellow Octopus charms to dry, my cute little sweets I made are still settling into the decollage cream and I really can’t wait to get them onto the chain.



For these charms I’ve made chocolate flavoured Pocky, a baby pink and yellow marshmellow and a dark chocolate with Strawberry icing. Like the transclucent red octopus necklaces, these will be a ❤ LIMITED TIME INTRODUCTORY OFFER ❤ …


After I made those I decided to decorate some mini containers and a few chocolate sandwhich notebooks I have laying around my bedroom. I wasn’t quite sure what to use the containers for, I was going to store all my gliiter in them, but had a look at all my little cabochons that I’ve made and thought I can use these to decorate my little stars!



I made quite a few, but I will be adding them a few at a time on my etsy store. I havn’t added the notebooks either. At the moment I have these up for sale ~


 ~ ❤ ~

They look so yummy!

I think I may give making and baking clay jewellery a break over the weekend and concentrate on my drawing. I still don’t have illustrator, so I’ve been thinking of giving painting a go. I havn’t painted anything in such a long time, I think it’s been almost 11 years since I used acrylic on canvas (I’m quite scared to start painting again.) I used to love painting in my fine art lessons, but then I discovered digital media and fell in love with Adobe software hehe.

As you know I love my Octopuses and have a thing with girls with an Octopus on her head. My inspiration has definitely come from one of my favourite artists Camilla d’Errico I’m not even sure how I discovered her, all I know is that she is a huge inspiration to me and I love her work so much!

So my piece that I am developing is from this illustration I created a while back (sorry if I keep bringing it up)..


I really do love this vector piece so much because I’ve managed to develop my jewellery and artwork through this illustration. So from this idea I’ve been doodling at work (due to extreme boredom)… I came up with these ~




I wanted to create something simple but nothing that I would create if I was using Adobe Illustrator. I think I’m trying to go for something a little more detailed than my vector piece.


I sketched this about 2 days ago, I’m thinking of making smaller sketches of this to put into a frame and then decorating the frame ‘kawaii style’. I just wanted to create something cute but quirky. I may sketch more with different desserts on the Octopus. But if I had the chance I would definitely go over this in Adobe Illustrator, I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. And I most definitely will when I get the chance!  ( ⋂‿⋂’)


I’m off to play on my XBox now, my next post will be photos of my sunflower yellow Octopus necklace ready to be shipped and maybe some new sketches or a painting . . . (◍•﹏•)

 ~ bye bye ~


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