~ Kawaii Shopping @ Modes4U ~

Yaay!!.. I have finally been approved and starting today I am part of Modes4U affiliate program.

This means that for every purchase you make through the banner found on the right of my blog, Modes4U will throw me a coin for my piggy bank, which helps me to create super cute jewellery for you guys. ( ´ิ(ꈊ) ´ิ)


Modes4U sell pretty much anything kawaii imported from the USA, Japan and Korea and I have never had any trouble with deliveries, the most I’ve had to wait for my packages are about two weeks.

My usual purchases at Modes4U is always the supersoft lightweight clay known as ‘HEARTY’ and the white, strawberry and chocolate Decollage Silicone Whipped Cream. Decollage is my favourite brand for using silicone whipped cream. I find it easier to use rather than using a piping bag. I always use moulds when using soft clay like Hearty, you get amazing results and the texture is super fluffy!




Other kawaii goodies I have bought from Modes4U are these cute fabrics, books, moulds and limited edition Rilakkuma keychains for my phone (● ̄(エ) ̄●)


 IMG_6007   IMG_6006 IMG_6010 IMG_6018IMG_6017



Even though this book is in Japanese, it has diagrams which are easy to follow and understand, this book so pretty illustrated and very good for inspiration if your stuck on deciding what type of pastry or cake you’d like to make out of clay.

Modes4U don’t just sell clay supplies but also cute little bags, phone accessories, wallets, bento boxes, stationary and re-ments! They also do free oversees deliveries with orders over £54!

I am so excited to be part of Modes4U affiliates program and I hope you have found this post helpful on what kind of cute little accessories and gifts you can buy! I am curious to see what other people purchase on Modes4U, if you like you are more than welcome to leave a comment. How do you find their services? What is your favourite brand of item or where in the world do you purchase Modes4U items?

~ Happy kawaii shopping ~


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