Mixed Media on Canvas

Hello beautiful world!

Today I created this master piece. . .  =^._.^= ∫


I call it Kawaii on canvas (///◔(ェ)◔///) . . . hee hee

It took me a while to come up with an idea and this was no way what I had in mind, it turned out way cuter than I actually planned.

I initially had the doughnut painted in acrylic paint with the intension of sticking the clay sprinkes ontop. Then I wanted to have pink icing dripping down from underneath the whipped cream. As my strawberry deco sauce is finished I thought “maybe I can use acrylic with Sculpey Liquid to create the icing”. . . ¬.¬

It didn’t turn out as runny as I hoped it would and without thinking I had already applied the thick Sculpey icing to the canvas. I poured so much Sculpey Liquid into my pallette to, so I panicked for a bit because I hate it when even one little smudge ruins my piece of art. Thats when I dabbed a little bit of the icing onto the doughnut and thought “hmm.. this could work” and it turned out to be awesome! As you can see I’ve covered the smudge with purple deco sauce and I’m proud with the way it’s turned out.

Materials I used are Acrylic Paints, Sculpey Liquid, Decollage Silicone Whipped Cream, Nail beads, Rhinestones and Fimo Clay (all clay cabochons handmade by me).

I’m thinking of making a few more of these, maybe exhibit my work somewhere. Until my next update ~

~ Goodnight ~



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