Japanese Craft Sites

~ Afternoon ~

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend (● ̄(エ) ̄●) . . .

hehe (btw I get all my emoticons from ~ http://japaneseemoticons.net/ ~ they are just too damn cute and funny)

So, over the weekend I stumbled across quite a few online Japanese Crafting stores that I had no idea existed, there were two that caught my eye and I’ve decided to share them with you!

I was shopping for supplies and came across http://www.yozocraft.com/ ~ these guys sell stationary and craft supplies, but what caught my eye were the cute Japanese Kindergarten backpacks!!.. They are soo adorable, I may have to get one for my niece. They also sell kids shoulder bags, women’s shoulder bags and Tote bags.

Yozo Bags

I really like the layout and simplicity of this site, it’s different compared to other online stores I usually buy materials and crafting supplies from. This store definitely benefits me in terms of products; ribbon, resin cabochons, metal charms, cotton and linen fabrics, paper wrap bags. . . these are all items I use and would purchase from Yozo Craft in the future.


The other store I bumped into is http://uguisustore.com/ ~ they are similar to Yozo Craft, but are more about decorating the home and have more varieties of products. So in their ‘shop by type’ tab you’ll find baby and child, bath and home, desk and office. . . what’s nice about this site is it has a currency tab and they have a section based on Tokyo artists via International artists. You’ll find handmade jewellery, artwork, cushions etc. . . made by artists from Japan and all over Europe.


I just realised it’s mother’s day next Sunday!!!…

It feels like christmas has just finished and it’s March already. . . -__-

Anyway, at least I know where to get my mummy’s thank you present    ~hehe~    ㄟ( ・ө・ )ㄏ


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