☆ Festival Asia ☆

Hello my lovelies, since my last post I have been designing wallpaper for my online store, making new accessories and working -_-   . . . My wallpaper starting getting a hold of me, I couldn’t decide how I wanted my characters placed within the space I had on my template, then it was a matter of how the background was being presented on storenvy. The measurements weren’t quite right even though I followed the recommendations on the storenvy website, it just wasn’t working out. I chose a design in the end, I wanted something really cute with pastel colours and designed this. I can’t remember which design I chose but here’s what I was working with ~



I was also fiddling with this creepy octopus for my wallpaper here on wordpress ~


It’s unfinished, I want to add a little shading. I love this character, it’s cute and scary. I may create a digital collection of these and frame them. I think they would look cool in 3D, maybe as a charm made out of clay.

I mentioned that I’m prepping for Hyper Japan which is in July. Well a few days ago, I was contacted by one of the organisers at FestivalAsia. I was asked if I’d like to be an exhibitor at their event 。◕‿◕。 . . .They are a new event that will be presenting everything on Asian cultures. From Bollyood dancing to Japanese Swordmanship. Its sounds pretty cool.

You can visit there website @ http://www.festivalasia.co.uk/

I was so excited when I was contacted, and right now I am so thankful that I will be an exhibitor at FestivalAsia. It actually takes place next month on 15th, 16th and 17th May at Tobacco Dock, London.

I feel more nervous than excited, because this will be my first event, and it’s not far until the event takes place. I feel like I don’t have a lot to show, this is what I have so far (which is still unfinished) ~

IMG_6344_ IMG_6366_ IMG_6367_ IMG_6371_

Tomorrow I am going to decorate them, some will be made into necklaces, the others will be keychains. To be honest. . . I just realised I only have one print to show . . . ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Looks like I’m gonna be on Illustrator all night ~


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