✧ My Experience at Festival Asia, London ✧

Hello my lovelies

(⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈  )

For the past week all I’ve been doing is sleeping and sorting a few things out on the web. Because I had such short notice of Festival Asia I had been staying up late, sometimes not even sleeping, killing myself to get everything completed for the show. On the positive side I have more stuff to show for Hyper Japan and for my new online store  —->

or you can click the link below ~

Killastrations Button

So Festival Asia was my first ever event exhibiting my handmade products and artwork. I am so lucky to have an amazing boyfriend supporting me and helping me achieve my goals, (we both don’t have our driving license yet) so we had to carry everything to the Tobacco Dock. It wasn’t too bad as we travelled from Woolwhich and was able to get the DLR straight to Shadwell. When we arrived at the Tobacco Dock we were a little baffled at how poorly the event was advertised from the outside, there was nothing to show outside the area to let people know an event was happening! We had to collect our exhibitor passes before setting up my table and we were passed onto three or four different people telling us where to go, it seemed like they had no idea where anything was. We eventually managed to find someone who could show us the way. I could finally set up my table and it was a little exciting merchandising my products, making everything look pretty! We were the last ones to leave after setting everything up and I noticed everyone had covered their tables for the night, I forgot to bring an extra table cloth so I used tissue paper.



The next day we arrived super early and I noticed a booklet on my table, it was exciting to see my name in the exhibitors list but they missed out the ‘S’ which was a little frustrating. Looking around the room I was in, I was confused because the other tables had very little relevance to my products. My art and jewellery are inspired by Japanese Pop Culture, you can clearly see on my blog that I am into the kawaii scene. Opposite my table was a small production team for indie films in eastern Asia, then there was a lady selling gold jewellery followed by a really cool Japanese guy selling handmade porcelain charms, you can check out the site here. -> Miyabi <- Then there was a table promoting south korean yoga and next to me were a cute couple selling fantasy artwork. I really felt I was put in the wrong place.



The first day of the event was really quiet, I was so glad I bought my tools. It gave me something to do rather than sitting there like a lemon. I had the odd customer here and there, most of my customers had never seen or experienced the ‘kawaii’ scene so it was fun explaining the concept behind my jewellery and artwork. I found a lot of people were attracted to my table because of the colours and how yummy my jewellery looked, but the amount of small kids I had looking at my items. . . all of them were just too damn cute 。゚(TヮT)゚。

I had a bit of a wonder around to see how well other exhibitors were doing and it was the same all over, completely dead inside, most people seemed to be outside where all the food stalls were and I don’t blame them seeing as the weather was really nice. I came across Something Kawaii and I was shocked to see where their table had been placed. The room they were in was huge, so it looked empty. The whole room was literally them and a small table promoting Tai Chi!!. . . NO RELEVANCE LOL… it was really weird. I was kind of glad to see I wasn’t the only one experiencing the same problem. They are really nice people, I was able to get a lot of helpful tips on being an exhibitor and finding out about anime expos and conventions across the UK. After that I continued wondering around handing out my business cards, notifying people where my table was.

We were hoping saturday would be busier than friday, but it turned out to be the same. It was another day of networking for me hehe, it was fun exchanging business cards. I got to meet quite a few interesting people who I will be staying in contact with.

The food was the most exciting for me, I wasn’t able to take photos of the hot foods I tasted (my battery died). I got to try a south Korean chicken wrap, it was amazing, full of flavour and really spicy. I also tried an indonesian dish, I think it was beef on a skewer with rice and carrots. Doesn’t sound amazing, but it tasted sooooooo good (^-^)_日

For dessert my boyfriend got us these little treats ~




The ice creams weren’t that amazing, it was interesting to try the flavours but the texture of the ice cream tasted like you were eating flavoured frost. But the dorayaki was to die for! So soft and a nice creamy chocolate filling.

Saturday was really sunny, everybody seemed to be enjoying the weather outside.

Sunday to our surprise was our most busiest day. It wasn’t packed like we were hoping the whole weekend to be, but it was busier than friday and saturday. My most popular items on my table were my doughnut phone charms and the decoden star containers.



By 5:00pm it started to get really quiet again, so I spent most of my time watching the martial arts and discussing with my boyfriend how I could improve my products and table for Hyper Japan.

Overall, even though Festival Asia was a new event, I felt it could have been organised a lot better and if it’s called Festival Asia, include the whole of Asia. It seemed to be heavily focused on East Asia and India, I was expecting to experience Russian, Turkish, Mongolian and Arabic cultures aswell.

At the end of the day I got to meet new people and was able to get advice from experienced exhibitors, I saw it as preparation for my main event in July.

I have lots of new ideas that I hope will help expand and promote Killastrations better in the future. I am really looking forward to my second event!

I will leave you with Tod, modelling my kawaii heart necklace.




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