✧ New Listings ✧


* Don’t forget you can win some of these handmade goodies below ~ like and share my giveaway post and comment with the tag #octopuskillakawaiilove ~ you can also enter on instagram, twitter and tumblr, just search #killastrations *


Finally listed some new items on my etsy store. Some items from my Hanami Dango Collection have also been listed.

I’ve been having fun exploring Tumblr today. I’ve always found it difficult to use it, but today I actually played around with it and I think I was just being a silly moo before hehe. So I am now on #Tumblr …not sure what else I could put on there since I use wordpress. I could start posting photos of me in my Kawaii inspired outfits! Depending I don’t look half dead… lately my skin has become so tired and worn out looking (since Festival Asia through to the Brighton Fairy Tale Fair I’ve been staying up late and eating so much junk food) but I’m getting back into my fitness, so it should be all good soon (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

~ You can now purchase these cute little stickers on my etsy store, and you’ll receive free gift with every purchase ~







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