My Unproductive Phase . . . (。•́-ก̀。)

It feels nice typing something on here finally! It’s been a while. . .

I have had the most unenthusiastic and unproductive couple of weeks! I woke up one morning with the intention to do nothing at all, I felt unmotivated and really negative about everything and everyone around me. I then fell into a depressive mode because of family issues (argh I hate that word – depressed (つ﹏<)・゚。 ) . . . this really affected me as I wasn’t dealing with it properly.

What was really frustrating was I lost my inspiration and drive towards my crafting, I needed to make a start on my Halloween Collection and send my mentor my business plan, but I just didn’t want to do anything. I even struggled to get out of bed and didn’t want to talk to anybody at all. I thought playing The Sims4 would cheer me up, but it didn’t.

My boyfriend told me I had over worked myself and that I needed a break. Quite often I put myself down and generally think I don’t work hard enough. Looking back to when I was preparing for Festival Asia and Hyper Japan, I pushed myself so hard to the point where I was getting nose bleeds. I have never ever had a nose bleed in my life up until that point, but I didn’t care because I wanted to get my work done. I wasn’t sleeping or eating properly, through the two weeks I was preparing for Festival Asia I was only sleeping four hours a day! I really went against what I believe in which is to “Treat your body like a temple”. – I’m not sure where or who this quote is from but I strongly believe in it.

Starting a business can be quite overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way because you can only do what you can (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )

So I chilled out for a bit, watched a few films. I watched ‘Big Eyes’ by Tim Burton, which was quite inspiring. Other things like family that are affecting me… well I am dealing with them slowly, but I am not going to let it get in the way of my ambition.

✧ After all that I am feeling happy and inspired again! ✧

Yesterday I made a start on my Halloween jewellery ‘finally’ there are a few photos on my #instagram and #twitter accounts. I have also been working on a new range of jewellery and accessories. I want to get rid of all my current stock on my storenvy and etsy stores to make room for my new collections, so I may further reduce prices on sale items after Halloween.

It’s getting late again, I am so tired and I am going to sleep! I hope I have helped anyone who might be struggling to get through the day or is feeling unmotivated to do anything. There are loads of us out there who go through the same thing, you are not alone, just try your best :: ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ ::

♡ we are not robots ♡


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