A Year Later…


I cannot believe it’s been a year since my last post,  I don’t even know where to start… well first off, I still haven’t created my website (ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ³ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥)

Soo much has happened since my last post, I had quite a lot planned; creating a website, creating new artwork and jewellery, vlogging. I also wanted to concentrate on my portfolio and focus on a career change.

So far I’ve managed to do one of those things, which is better than nothing!

Around February things at home just started to spiral out of control, I was in a bad environment; it was giving me anxiety, I became depressed… eventually I gave up on my artwork and nearly gave up on myself. This lasted for about two solid months… after this I was told to get out of the house, I found a job that I didn’t really care about and I moved in with my boyfriend. I felt relieved in a way, because I wasn’t in a dark atmosphere anymore and now I get to see my boyfriend everyday! Plus I could finally focus on what I enjoy doing most…


o( ><)o

I started my new job in May and it was just work, work, work! I was working like a Donkey and still am. I didn’t make time to focus on my artwork at all. I work in a gym and I love keeping fit. Last year I stopped working out completely because I was trying soo hard to make my business idea work. So this year for the whole summer it was just work and gym, I was eating well, I was getting stronger. I was happy! Eventually I started to realize I wasn’t going anywhere career wise, so I decided to tone it down and make a start on my portfolio.

I wanted to re-design Killastrations; new logo, new artwork and new jewellery designs. I did a stupid thing by not backing up my work that I put 100% into and the day I was so focused on updating all my social media’s, and revamping Killastrations – when I plugged in my USB ‘NOTHING’ … I was so angry with myself. All my work was gone!.. I guess it’s not too bad considering I’m going to revamp it anyway, but I just needed it to recap what I have created. Since then I’ve been concentrating on my UI portfolio.

(ؑ⸍⸍ᵕؑ̇⸍⸍)◞✧ …I’m slowly getting there, I’ve found it difficult to balance shift work and focus on my artwork at home. I’m just always tired from work now, but I am making sure I work on something everyday. Even if it’s just 30mins colouring something.

I’ve created a page showing my UI development; I’ve decided to re-design a few UI in a mobile game that I play. I have struggled to concentrate on this project, I got slightly bored from it at one point, but I feel it’s coming along and now I’m really focused on it. I’m also working on other pieces like weapon icons, food icons and plants etc..

This is just a colour block of weapons, I was inspired by some of the weapons in a game I used to play called ‘DOFUS’…


This took me about five hours, but I’ve been watching Netflix whilst working on this which isn’t a good idea (^▽^)…

I feel more positive about myself and I’m happy that I’m back on Illustrator ∩(︶▽︶)∩  …I am thankful for my boyfriend and my sister who are the only ones who have stood by me and pushed me to pursue what I love doing most ~ love you guys ~ ♡

My next post will show my weapons with more colour and shading and an update on my UI portfolio.


:;(∩´﹏`∩);: Panick Mode

~ Its been over two weeks since my last post ~


Hello my lovelies!!. . . Since my last post I have been attending a short business course. I found it very favourable, I got to meet so many inspiring and creative people, the course itself has helped me establish what it is I want to achieve. I wasn’t sure what I was looking to gain out of the course, all I knew was that I wanted to work for myself selling handmade jewellery. Now I know exactly what I’d like to do ~ open my own boutique in London ~


I didn’t think this course would have an impact on me, or even help me at all. . . but it really has. My teacher was amazing! I learn’t a lot, but when it came to the word { tax } my brain just didn’t want to listen. I nearly fell asleep in class! The thing that scares me is having to do my own taxes and organising cash flow. I am terrible with numbers, because I am not confident when it comes to math. I know when it comes to it though, I’ll get the hang of it.

So, I am now in the process of my business plan and have been stressing over my market research. I’ve spent all day searching for statistics on food jewellery/handmade, kawaii jewellery and have found nothing. There is a lot of articles on how Japanese Pop Culture has had a major influence on the western world, thats about it. Maybe I am typing in the wrong words (⌒▽⌒ゞ

All I have at the moment as part of my research is a survey which I hope will help me understand my customers. So if you are a ‘kawaii enthusiast’ and love buying cutesy, handmade jewellery please, please, please would you mind filling out this quick survey!! ~ It would mean the world to me ~

Kawaii Questionnaire


* Sparkles for you *


 So why am I stressing out?

I will be at the craft and vintage fair on the 15th August in Brighton and I havn’t made a start on anything!!

☆ The Fairy Tale Fair ☆


I am really excited, but I am worried I won’t have anything ready. I have been so busy with my course and business plan, I havn’t made time to make my banner or create more stock!!.. It’s only 20 days away 。。゛(ノ><)ノ

I am going to try and make the effort to start tomorrow, I will share photos of my progress if I do.

 ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

Have a good night or lovely start to your day, wherever you are (∩_∩)

~ Night night ~